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Nick Wilson

AUTHOR | No. of articles: 200

Nick Wilson is a journalist with HR Leader. With a background in environmental law and communications consultancy, Nick has a passion for language and fact-driven storytelling.

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Climate reporting bill will cost businesses $2.3bn, senators warn

Despite widespread agreement on the benefits of climate financial disclosure rules, critics of the government’s prop...Read More

Payroll errors more likely under Closing Loopholes reforms

More than half of Australian businesses plan to reconsider the way they manage payroll as a ‘direct result’ of the r...Read More

'Behave more like men', why female CEOs fell by nearly a third this ye...

This year has seen a ‘dramatic’ decrease in the share of female CEOs, globally. Grant Thornton partner says female...Read More

Annual wages growth climbs to highest level since 2009

The latest Wage Price Index rose 4.2 per cent over the year, with the public sector contributing a more significant amou...Read More

Work is draining, but it is doubly so for female employees

Whether it’s unpaid caring responsibilities or on-the-job biases – female energy reserves are chipped away in unique...Read More

Cultural KPIs: Closing the Gap review calls for stricter public servan...

The Productivity Commission said Australian governments have fallen short of their commitments under the National Agreem...Read More

Death by appointment: How to make meetings more productive

There’s a good reason many organisations are opting for meeting-free days, but reclaiming productivity lost to excessi...Read More

This week in HR news: Corporate jargon, sexual harassment, and chronic...

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Are workplaces really too woke?

“Woke” is a label whose uses are so broad that it’s almost meaningless. That said, how woke a workplace culture mi...Read More