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Is the 4-day week everything it’s cracked up to be? A stakeholder discussion.

Thursday, 9 November 2023
11:00am–12:00pm AEDT • 60 minutes


Attracting and retaining talent in 2023

Are four-day work weeks a game changer for achieving elusive work/life balance, or are they simply a mirage in the desert of corporate perks? Join us for a thought-provoking webinar as we delve into the world of four-day work weeks, featuring insights from diverse perspectives: organisations that have implemented it as well as HR professionals, high-level executives, and employees who have experienced it firsthand.

The employee perspective: The promise of a four-day work week often appears as the holy grail of work/life balance. The dream of an extra day to pursue personal interests, spend time with family, or simply rest is tantalising. Yet, the reality can be starkly different. Many employees find themselves cramming five days’ worth of work into four, leaving them exhausted and questioning whether the extra day off is truly worth the stress.

The employer perspective: From an employer’s standpoint, offering a four-day work week can be seen as a strategic move to attract and retain top talent. It showcases a commitment to employee well-being and sets the organisation apart in a competitive job market. However, the dichotomy lies in the hidden cost: organisations risk losing 20 per cent of their employees’ productive time each week. Are employers reaping the benefits of heightened morale and reduced turnover, or are they sacrificing productivity and profitability?

The HR professional’s insights: Striking the balance HR professionals play a pivotal role in designing and implementing four-day work week policies. They must navigate the fine line between employee satisfaction and organisational performance. This webinar will explore the challenges HR departments face in crafting policies that cater to both sides of the equation.

The executive’s view: Maximising efficiency high-level executives offer a unique perspective. They must weigh the potential benefits of a four-day work week against the organisation’s bottom line. Are there strategies to maximise employee efficiency during shorter work weeks? Do these policies genuinely enhance overall productivity, or are they more about optics and recruitment?

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