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About HR Leader

We’re experiencing an evolution in how people work and what people expect from work. This shift puts HR and people leaders front and centre of their organisations, shaping the talent agenda today and tomorrow.

HR is no longer asking for a seat at the table, they’re firmly placed at the head. HR is leading the conversations that impact workforces, understanding people are at the core of business, and critical for Australia’s future prosperity.

People management and leadership have undergone notable transformations since the start of COVID-19, but these changes are only the beginning.

HR Leader has been created to lead the HR and people leaders that have come out of these unprecedented changes through the exciting but challenging times to come.

At HR Leader, we’re passionate about HR and people, and as part of Momentum Media with years of HR experience in-team, we’re equipped to provide the dedicated support and inspiration the industry needs to move forward quickly.

We're here to help you push the envelope on how you and your team think about HR and people management. We’ll provide leadership on HR’s top concerns and roadblocks, while delivering the ideas that will shape tomorrow’s workplaces.

Engage with HR Leader for:

  • deeper data-backed insights
  • real-life stories from people and HR leaders who’ve "been there and done that" and found a better way
  • academic perspectives to aid in "out of the box" thinking
  • formats that are easy to absorb

These are the cornerstones of HR Leader!

Listen to the podcasts and stay up to date with the articles for fresh content and a new perspective on HR and people leadership.

About Momentum Media

Momentum Media ( has been equipping Australia’s corporate, investor and business sectors with market and business intelligence for over a decade.

Across an integrated business supported by digital, events, live streaming, broadcast, content-on-demand, research, print and social platforms, we are guided by a fundamental principal: Be better informed.

Better informed readers, listeners, viewers, event participants, advertisers, sponsors and commercial partners, government and policy decisionmakers.

This mission for informing, educating and inspiring drives us to build more engaged communities, delivering greater leadership to the markets we connect with and forging closer relationships with our audiences.

Being at the forefront of media innovation, backed by a pioneering spirit, has been central to Momentum Media’s growth.

We’re an evolving, forward-thinking business based on a purpose that supports corporate Australia and the markets critical to our nation’s economic prosperity. We’re also focused on delivering exceptional value to our commercial partners.

We continually adapt to rapidly changing marketplaces; we’re a fluid media business, unshackled to any particular technology, channel or tone of communication.

With a monthly reach spanning over a million professionals, high-net-worth individuals and business owners, we’re connected to the rapidly changing preferences and attitudes of our communities – and we’re making a positive contribution for them to thrive.