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The top skills Aussie workers are developing to get ahead

By Nick Wilson | |4 minute read

Surprising new data reveals what skills Australians are choosing to develop to excel in the workplace.

Online educational platform Udemy has just released its Q2 2023 Global Workplace Learning Index, revealing which business functions employees are most keen to learn about. The following areas saw the greatest increase in uptake:

1. Generative artificial intelligence and professional tech


Compared to last quarter, ChatGPT has seen a 146 per cent surge in demand among Australian users. Similarly, artificial intelligence saw a 95 per cent uptick in popularity on the platform.

According to the data, Australians came late to the game in these two areas, with neither ChatGPT nor AI registering in the list of emerging skills in Q1.

Significantly, the gains in AI were not limited to tech workers, with marked interest from individuals and organisations in retail, marketing, HR, sales, and financial services.

“Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT are redefining the ways we can use technology to innovate and navigate the working world. As artificial intelligence continues to advance and flourish, it is accelerating the automation of various tasks – advancing research, solving seemingly impossible problems, redefining collaboration between humans and machines, and more,” said Udemy instructor Peter Alkema.

Other tech skills were sought after on the platform, particularly in software, programming, networking, and data analysis. At the tech skill level, the following gained significant traction:

  • Improving SEO
  • Streamlining talent
  • Recruiting
  • Improving customer support responsiveness
  • Creating personalised marketing emails

2. Management skills

In Australia, management training recorded a 103 per cent quarterly increase in consumption on Udemy. Specifically, users were keen to learn about:

  • Effective delegation
  • Time mastery
  • Conflict management

The uptick in management training is hardly surprising considering the pressure placed on managers during the pandemic. According to a recent Gallup survey, middle managers are at the greatest risk of losing their jobs within companies undergoing layoffs in 2023. Many are, therefore, being asked to lead larger teams and take on additional responsibilities, calling for more training.

3. ESG and climate change

Climate change and ESG courses saw a 113 per cent global surge in interest on the platform compared to the previous quarter.

This might reflect the increasingly demanding consumer expectations and legislative requirements surrounding corporate ESG reporting and that businesses are trying to get better informed.

"In Australia, we're witnessing a paradigm shift towards a skills-based economy where organizations recognize the talent within their teams and bridge any skill gaps,” said Peter Kokkinos, VP &
Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Udemy (pictured).

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is a journalist with HR Leader. With a background in environmental law and communications consultancy, Nick has a passion for language and fact-driven storytelling.