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Career and talent mobility simplified

In conversation with HR Leader, James Mcilvena, managing director of LHH for the Australia and New Zealand region, will share insights into career mobility that businesses of all sizes will benefit from.

Looking at career and talent mobility from both a people and tech perspective, this webcast will show you how to support your workforce to realise their career aspirations and fulfill your commercial business needs by retaining your best people.

James and HR Leader’s host, Shandel, will also talk about the top trends being seen in the talent market both locally and abroad, as well as what an overarching approach to career mobility looks like.

Join HR Leader editor Shandel McAuliffe and our expert speakers to teach you more about:

  • Global trends and observations straight out of the US
  • People: how a better approach to mobility helps you protect today’s workforce, grow tomorrow’s talent pools, and create a more inclusive workforce for all
  • Tech: why it underpins talent mobility, helps you understand and assess the talent in your workforce, and provide the content to help people grow
  • Why it’s important to have an overarching approach to getting mobility right for your workforce. Who does this well and why? 
  • How can businesses of all sizes get mobility right?

And so much more.

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