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Attracting and retaining talent in 2023

This year has been a challenging one for finding talent. With the new year approaching, now is the time to make sure your business is ready to attract those ’New-Year’s-resolution’ candidates. It’s also the season for making sure you’re doing everything you can to minimise your own turnover!

  • Discover how you can create a winning EVP to make your job opportunities stand out from the crowd
  • Find out how to reach talent pools you’ve not previously explored
  • Learn how to improve your processes around candidate-experience and applicant journey
  • Understand what it takes to get your new starter from a job offer to the first day
  • Understand the benefits of a strong partnership with experts you can trust to both attract and keep talent

Attend ’Attracting and retaining talent in 2023’ on 13 December so your business is the employer of choice for talent in the New Year.






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