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Xref’s ‘hire to retire’ assists in talent retention

By Jack Campbell | |4 minute read
Xref’s ‘hire to retire’ assists in talent retention

Xref has announced their ‘hire to retire’ initiative, which will track an employee from candidacy to employment and departure, continuously monitoring employee satisfaction. With the current talent shortage issues, this feature could help with staff retention.

Xref Enterprise is a new platform for employers that will track employee engagement and store data in case of re-hiring. This update means that the reference checking that Xref is known for will be complemented with pulse and exit surveys that allow for continuous feedback. Their new Enterprise platform will have staged releases through the 2023 financial year.

Of Xref Enterprise, the company said in a statement: “It is designed to build an organisation’s corporate memory through data collection of a wide variety of critical candidate and employee metrics, which in turn will help the organisation improve its attractiveness to employees, better compete for talent, expand talent pipelines, and speed up hiring processes.”


Lee-Martin Seymour, Xref’s CEO and co-founder, says this new program will help businesses with hiring and retention.

“Employers must have the right processes in place to make confident hiring decisions rapidly and accurately if they wish to hire and retain the best talent. The shortage of available candidates plaguing almost every industry urgently calls for products that significantly expand an organisation’s talent pool,” said Mr Seymour.

“As an example, in such a market, the best source of new employees may actually be former employees, or the many qualified candidates who didn’t get through during previous hiring rounds. Extracting quality candidates from these extra talent pools is exactly [how] our new Xref Enterprise platform will help innovative organisations.”

Mr Seymour added: “Talent is on the move. The competition for talent is one of the biggest challenges facing employers right now – many employees who previously might have stayed in ‘safe’ roles are now on the hunt for better opportunities.”

Mr Seymour noted when we last spoke to him that this financial year would see the company making moves towards further HR tech innovation with product launches. At the time he said:

“We are currently focused on four key areas. Constant tech innovation is a given, and will result in a series of product launches in coming months. We are also looking to aggressively expand our footprint in the North American market, maintain our very healthy growth rate of around 40 percent year-on-year, and build sustainable profitability throughout the process.”



Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.