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The increasingly important role of business activism

By Jessa Sargento | |3 minute read

Businesses have the sway to enact real change. More and more organisations are leveraging this and entering the activism space.


Lucy Piper, director at WorkforClimate, joined The HR Leader to delve into the increasingly pertinent topic of business activism and why it’s crucial in the modern workforce. The episode discusses the evolving role of companies in fostering a culture where employee activism, particularly around climate issues, is not just welcomed but encouraged.

Creating a space for employee-led initiatives and discussions on shared values is crucial. This approach not only nurtures a culture of engagement and ownership among employees but also aligns with the broader expectation for businesses to play a proactive role in societal issues.

Gone are the days when employees were expected to leave their personal values and concerns at the door. This change has led to a more values-driven workforce. Piper points out that this shift is about more than just individual or collective activism within the workforce. It’s about companies re-evaluating their core values and the legacy they wish to leave. It’s a call to action for businesses to align their operations and strategies with a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient vision of the future.



The term "workforce" or "labour force" refers to the group of people who are either employed or unemployed.