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Psychosocial risk management: Creating a healthy work environment starts here

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

Psychosocial risks have been circulating in workplace discussions over the past year quite heavily, and for good reason. They refer to hazards that can harm mental wellbeing, so clearly, it is a critical area that requires attention.


In this episode of The HR Leader, Vanessa Fudge, founder and chief executive of Leading Well, sheds light on psychosocial risks. The conversation not only unpacks the essence and implications of these risks but also ventures into the evolving responsibilities of leaders in creating healthier work environments.

These hazards, while sometimes physical, predominantly affect the mental wellbeing and overall health of employees. The discussion underscores the legal and moral duty of care leaders have towards mitigating these risks, highlighting the necessity of fostering a conducive and healthy workplace.

Vanessa points out that while training and awareness are crucial, they alone are insufficient to address the complexities of psychosocial risks. The real challenge lies in integrating these learnings into the structural and strategic fabric of organisations. The conversation also touches upon the new legislation being rolled out across Australia, emphasising the urgent need for leaders to familiarise themselves with these guidelines.