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Questionable trends affecting employees and employers

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

There are a variety of trends shaping the business landscape in 2024. Not all of them are positive, however, and keeping your ear to the ground can help in avoiding unfair situations.


Sue Parker, a career strategist, communication expert, and the owner of DARE Group Australia, discusses some of these themes in this episode of The HR Leader. Sue uncovers the often-murky waters of salaries, the phenomenon of ghosting, and the contentious issue of being “overqualified”.

She challenges the longstanding practice of salary determination based on experience and criticises the lack of clarity and integrity in such an approach. Sue’s stance is clear: a role should have a fair salary band that aligns with its purpose and the problems it aims to solve, irrespective of the candidate’s experience.

The discussion also touches upon ghosting, a term that refers to the lack of communication between recruiters and candidates during the hiring process. Sue describes it as putting your head in a bucket and refusing to communicate, highlighting the frustration it causes.

Sue takes issue with the term overqualified, which she sees as a smokescreen for ageism, fear, and insecurity. It is often used as an excuse to dismiss candidates, particularly older ones, without addressing the real reasons for their non-selection. According to Sue, this term masks a deeper issue of emotional intelligence and the ability to engage in honest, quality-driven communication.