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The massive impact of financial stress (and how to alleviate it)

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

In the current economic climate, financial stress plays a key influence on workplace wellbeing. Interest rates, inflation, and a rising cost of living have taken their toll on the population, prompting the need for intervention.


The latest episode of The HR Leader discusses these issues. Marc Bineham, a money and wellness coach, joins the podcast to give his expertise in the often-overlooked area of wellness: financial wellbeing.

This stress doesn’t just negatively affect the individual; it can translate into a staggering loss of productivity for organisations and the wider economy. Businesses can assist their employees by implementing financial wellness policies.

Marc touches on the stigma surrounding money discussions and how people are more comfortable sharing personal life details than their financial status, a cultural trait that hinders open conversations about financial health. He advocates for a cultural shift, similar to campaigns encouraging open discussions about mental health, to normalise financial wellbeing discussions.