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Kace O'Neill

AUTHOR | No. of articles: 216

Kace O'Neill is a Graduate Journalist for HR Leader. Kace studied Media Communications and Maori studies at the University of Otago, he has a passion for sports and storytelling.

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Australia’s largest car dealership forced to back-pay $16m

Eager Automotive Limited (EAL), has back-paid more than $16 million including interest and superannuation to staff under...Read More

Injury and illness contributing to tens of thousands of working years ...

A new study by Monash University has discovered that Australia loses 41,194 work years annually due to work-related inju...Read More

Exploitation of migrant workers rampant across Australian workplaces

Widespread underpayment of migrant workers has sadly become a commonality throughout Australian workplaces, and with a l...Read More

WGEA report shows deliberate action needed to achieve gender equality ...

A new report released today (20 June) by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) provides the first comparable resul...Read More

Mental, physical exhaustion common among Australian workers

Burnout and exhaustion are becoming major issues for workers across Australia as job demands and employer expectations c...Read More

Teachers, education employers clash on right to disconnect

Employer groups are pushing for teachers and support staff to remain available after school hours, while teachers are ar...Read More

Workers losing out on $21k annually in unpaid overtime

A recent survey has found that a number of Australian workers are falling victim to the exploitative nature of unpaid ov...Read More

Aussie organisations investing $39k on average into D&I, mental health...

New research has revealed that Australian organisations are investing $27.8 billion collectively, for an average of $38,...Read More

$400k fine issued for exposing workers to silica dust

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a heavy fine after a company was found to have exposed its workers to silica dust. ...Read More