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Cliché resolutions or real change? Aussies chasing the perfect work/life balance in 2024

By Kace O'Neill | |4 minute read

Whether it’s cliché New Year’s resolutions or lofty life-changing goals, each year, people are looking for change. Going into 2024, however, Australians are more determined than ever to prioritise their wellness over their professional ambition.


According to Amex Trendex, Aussies, this year more than ever, are re-evaluating and reorganising their passions and priorities to better suit their personal wellness. Gone are the days of prioritising one’s professional ambition; instead, being healthier, having a better quality of life and improving mental health are at the forefront of Australians’ to-do lists.

Australians are planning on navigating the balancing act of work and life with better stability, with 66 per cent preferring flexible hours, 48 per cent wanting the ability to work from anywhere, and 40 per cent seeking more paid time off. Each of these factors was key to Australians wanting to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Other factors included feeding off the hype of the “Matilda effect” from the World Cup, with 59 per cent of Australians planning on attending more live sporting events in 2024. Seventy-two per cent of Australians also added that they were prepared to travel to see more home-grown talent compete in their sporting code, with 53 per cent disregarding the travel and seating expenses, simply seeking out the vibe no matter the cost.

Although the latter seems financially irresponsible, 72 per cent of Australians are fixated on setting personal finance goals, pushing to grow their savings more than ever. Some strive to budget better, some plan to pay off debts and others want to take back control of their finances; no matter the ambition, being cash-conscious is the 2024 frame of mind.

“Mindful finance is moving a step beyond simply making better financial decisions. It’s also about taking control, becoming financially empowered and even considering how your spending may impact others, or the environment. As Aussies continue to learn and evolve from the current financial landscape, they’re also looking at how to make the most of day-to-day spending,” stated American Express Asia-Pacific vice-president Corinne Ng.

Being financially mindful and chasing a vibe are just some of the ways Australians are changing their patterns. Getting more sleep, exploring the outdoors and gaining new skills are all intertwined into the 2024 mindset. The million-dollar question, however, is, will people stick to it?

These goals and resolutions are often labelled as temporary, make-shift trends that tend to vanish at the first sign of adversity. But in this case, the overwhelming response from Australians pushing for personal change could galvanise more people to seek a fresh start and an adjustment of patterns.

If just some of these changes make it to 31 December 2024, then a number of Australians would’ve improved their financial position, health, mental health and wellness, and if not, there’s always next year, right?

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