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‘Next generation’ EAP launches in Australia

By Emma Musgrave | |4 minute read

A new employee assistance program (EAP) has been rolled out in the Australian market, which aims to revolutionise how employees access qualified psychologists and evidence-based programs for early detection of mental health issues.


Thrive Mental Health, in partnership with Vitality Works, has been launched in Australia and New Zealand this week.

First developed in the UK by a leading psychologist and a psychiatrist, Thrive Mental Health offers unlimited in-app live support from qualified professionals and boasts a “whole of workforce solution”. The EAP is an NHS-recommended app that combines screening with triage, referral, and support.

The rollout in the UK market has proven successful, with a 2020 study finding that participants using the app experienced superior rates of recovery from anxiety and depression after two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks compared to those people without any support. 

Commenting on the launch to the Australian market, Cathy McDonald, executive general manager of Vitality Works, said: “Over 50 per cent of workers experience mental health conditions, yet fewer than 1 [to] 3 per cent access traditional EAPs. Created more than 10 years ago, Thrive Mental Health take-up rates eclipse traditional EAP solutions, with usage 10 times greater than standard EAP and depression and anxiety recovery rates of up to 86 per cent.

“Thrive provides a contemporary and convenient mental health and EAP solution that increases employee engagement with access to real-life psychologists and uncompromised privacy, while removing the stigma of seeking mental health support in traditional EAP solutions.

“With Australians and New Zealanders now forced to wait up to 12 months to see a psychologist in the community setting, there has never been a better time for business leaders to prioritise mental wellbeing in the workplace and future-proof EAPs for their staff.”

Dr Adam Huxley, Thrive co-founder and chief operating officer, echoed a similar sentiment, noting Thrive Mental Health offers support to those who may not seek it elsewhere.

“As a digital solution, we put the user in the driver’s seat. Through the app, the employee is in charge of their health and wellbeing with fast, discreet, and evidence-based support by trained psychologists to deliver mental health support at scale, anytime and anywhere,” he said.

“Thrive Mental Health also provides timely follow-up support to identify and support people before they reach crisis point, with our therapists proactively contacting employees within 10 minutes of low mood being detected through the app.”