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Companies in collaboration to enhance workplace safety

By Jack Campbell | |4 minute read

Two companies have rolled out a new program that aims to help businesses improve their workplace safety measures.

Workplace safety company Sentis and consulting practice Ashurst Risk Advisory are partnering up to offer the Safety Leadership Program to businesses. The drive behind this collaboration is to improve workplace safety by encouraging change, managing risk, and strengthening health and safety policy.

Sentis general manager for strategic growth Alex Fernando commented on the announcement: “The Sentis Way is very much about deeply understanding the drivers that could enhance cultural change required to achieve the safety goals of the organisation.


“This collaboration helps clients close the gap between leadership and culture, and health and safety obligations. Together we will guide clients to make evidence-based decisions that shift the organisation towards a more mature positive safety culture.”

The partnership will benefit both organisations as Sentis is able to focus on safety, and Ashurst on the legal aspects of the initiative. According to a statement from Ashurst, psychosocial risks are a key concern of the program.

“We are excited to bring enhanced safety culture tools to Ashurst clients,” Tony Morris, partner at Ashurst Risk Advisory, said.

“As a result of increasing community expectations, there is now visibility, investment and active enforcement of work health and safety laws. A combination of new and enhanced legislation and regulator guidance, particularly with respect to managing psychosocial risk, is being delivered across the country, reinforcing the need for organisations to act on this risk.”

Mr Morris continued: “Our clients will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make systemic, sustainable improvements in health and safety, leadership capability and culture. Whether uncovering opportunities for immediate action or leveraging and strengthening leadership capability.”

Sentis’ analytics will now be available to Ashurt’s customers, allowing for data to back up risk assessments. The unity of analysis and recommendations will be able to provide a more comprehensive experience for clients.

Mr Morris said safety is crucial for a business: “Taking measurable steps to implement and maintain a positive safety culture is more important than ever at a holistic organisational sustainability level. Ticking the boxes for basic compliance is a thing of the past.

“We’re confident this synergistic collaboration will empower Ashurst clients. In turn, Sentis will benefit from Ashurst’s global reach to further our mission of improving the lives of individuals and organisations for the better, every day.”

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.