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How ChatGPT can improve learning and development

By Jack Campbell | |4 minute read

Organisations may finally be seeing the potential that generative AI like ChatGPT can bring to business processes. One area that has seen attention from the program is learning and development, as companies are utilising AI capabilities to personalise their experience.


HR Leader recently discussed how Australia could lag behind if we don’t embrace artificial intelligence (AI). Diego Davila, Udemy instructor, entrepreneur and social media innovator, said: “ChatGPT and generative AI are truly revolutionising the way the world will work in the future as we’re just starting to uncover its use cases — in research, content creation, branding, marketing, productivity, e-commerce, and so much more.”

“Having a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT and other emerging AI technologies will be imperative to quickly pivot in today’s era of rapid digital transformation. Whether you’re a business owner, engineer, marketer, content creator, or learner, start by learning how AI prompt engineering tools can be leveraged in your role, as well as how (and when) to get the best responses from it.”

So how can this technology assist in learning and development? GoodHabitz Australia company director Cam Elliot believes that the level of personalisation that generative AI offers is a key way to improve the experience for employees.

“Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT can provide a level of personalisation unlike ever before. Learners are unique and learn in their own way, which is why generative AI works well,” said Mr Elliot.

“Generative AI-powered learning features provide next-level interactivity, engagement, and personalisation. This, in turn, enables organisations to improve learning outcomes, increase knowledge retention and transfer, reduce training time and resources, as well as promoting continuous learning and development.”

GoodHabitz even provided an example by asking ChatGPT how it can improve online learning. The response was:

  • Personalised assistance
  • Interactive learning
  • Content exploration
  • Language practice
  • 24/7 availability
  • ChatGPT can adapt its responses based on learner feedback
  • Emotional support

The fear that some people have towards AI could be a hindrance when implementing AI learning and development. It’s important to ease these systems so as not to overwhelm employees and cause them to be fearful of their jobs.

Forbes discussed how to make AI work, providing some key tips for implementation:

  1. Identify needs and objectives.
  2. Choose the right AI solution.
  3. Develop a data strategy.
  4. Build your AI team.
  5. Train your AI model.
  6. Integrate AI into operations.
  7. Monitor and evaluate performance.
  8. Continue improvement.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.