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The recent ‘tidal wave’ of industrial relations reform

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read
The Recent Tidal Wave Of Industrial Relations Reform

In the wake of voluminous change in the industrial relations space, it is critical to reflect on how such legislative updates will impact workplaces of all stripes and how both employers and employees can navigate such evolutions to working life.


In this episode of The HR Leader podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with barrister Ian Neil SC about the “tumultuous” past year in industrial relations reform, the myriad changes that were legislated and are coming into effect, what the response from businesses and employers has been to such change, and whether the net effect of such changes will be to drive up the cost of labour.

Neil also delves into how businesses can and should respond to the “tidal wave” of changes, why good governance has never been more essential, what the Closing Loopholes and Right to Disconnect legislation means and what its impacts might be, what might be the headline industrial relations issues to contend with in the future in light of such changes, why prudent employers will see the changes as an opportunity, what will constitute best practice moving forward, and the likely volume of work headed in the direction of legal practitioners and HR professionals.


Industrial relations

Industrial relations is the management and evaluation of the interactions between employers, workers, and representative organisations like unions.