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Ensuring managers evolve into successful leaders

By Jessa Sargento | |3 minute read
Ensuring Managers Evolve Into Successful Leaders

When workers look back on their careers, they remember roles they held both for the good and bad managers they served under. If businesses take the time to properly develop those with managerial responsibilities, not only will those managers become better leaders, but the business will also see more substantive returns on investment.


In this episode of The HR Leader, host Jack Campbell is joined by Florida-based “HR Lady”, Wendy Sellers, to discuss the importance of developing management internally rather than seeking external talent, how PD gets overlooked by businesses, the differences between a manager and a leader, the flow-on effects for businesses that invest in leadership, and the need for more holistic approaches to developing managers.

Sellers also delves into how smaller businesses can meaningfully dedicate time and resources to such matters, how leaders can be HR-minded, managing the juggle of leadership training, staying up to date with relevant legislation, the ever-increasing need for good communication, and motivating employees suffering from burnout.