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Unlocking success: Strategies for building and developing motivated, high-performing teams

By HiBob | |2 minute read
Unlocking Success Strategies For Building And Developing High Performing Teams

Supporting productivity that drives growth should be on every leader’s mind; however, with the demands and expectations of the modern workforce and the challenges that come with that, leveraging growth can be difficult.

Helping to demystify these complexities is Damien Andreasen, HiBob’s vice president APJ. In this episode of The HR Leader, he reflected on his experiences in building high performing work teams, both with his time at HiBob and in previous roles.

Continuous development and upskilling has only become more important as tech advancements are requiring teams to be educated and up-to-date on digitally evolving processes. However, there is a clear opportunity, said Andreasen, as this tech can facilitate effective growth.

Purpose, culture, and engagement are crucial aspects of business that are becoming an increasingly important consideration for candidates. Andreasen noted that these components can and should form the basis to drive performance.

Also discussed was the importance of communication, and how processes can break down when lines of communication aren’t upheld. Andreasen touched on his experiences at both start-ups and large organisations, and how many themes overlap, no matter the size of the company.

For leaders seeking happy, engaged, motivated, and driven employees, a collective vision is essential. That vision needs to be clearly communicated as early as the hiring process in a way that ensures employees feel invested and included.

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