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HR will have an increasingly important role in the future of work

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

The evolving role of human resources in the modern workplace should not be understated. Technology can help to propel this change.


Dimitri Boylan, founder and chief executive of Avature, joins The HR Leader to share invaluable insights into the future of HR strategy and the pivotal role technology plays in shaping it.

The discussion touches on the increasing integration of HR into strategic planning, a trend that has gained momentum, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boylan points out that the pandemic served as a catalyst, propelling HR professionals to the forefront of executive decision making, largely due to the human-centric crises it triggered. This shift underscores the growing recognition of HR’s strategic value beyond its traditional administrative functions.

The conversation then delves into the implications of remote work policies, which remain a topic of ongoing debate among companies. Boylan argues that the uncertainty surrounding work policies continues to keep HR in crucial conversations at the C-suite level, highlighting the need for HR to adapt to its newfound strategic role.

HR has a critical relationship with technology, especially as the workforce undergoes digital transformation. Boylan emphasises the importance of a robust partnership between HR and IT departments to navigate these challenges effectively. Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) is of key concern as the workforce approaches this tech with cautious optimism. While acknowledging the potential of AI to transform various HR functions, such as recruiting and talent management, he also highlights the ethical considerations and potential biases that come with AI deployment.