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Using data analytics and psychometric testing to drive business outcomes

By PBC Hogan | |2 minute read

Building a thriving workplace takes time and effort. Data analytics and psychometric testing can make this process easier, particularly at scale. Integrating these processes into everyday practices can foster and propel healthy workforce development and productivity.

In this episode of The HR Leader, Alex Bond, director at PBC Hogan, delves into the multifaceted world of building effective workplaces through building effective leaders. The conversation sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, emphasising the pivotal role of trust, leadership, and data analytics.

At the heart of the discussion is the transformative potential of objective behavioural insights and data analytics in leadership development and organisational performance. We discuss in detail how PBC Hogan leverages psychometric testing and data analytics to create a holistic understanding of leadership capabilities and aligning development interventions with organisational strategy. By establishing baselines and measuring progress, organisations can make informed decisions and foster leadership that propels the organisation forward.

Finally, we consider the concept of trust, deemed a cornerstone in successful workplace relationships and highlight how trust underpins team performance, and fosters an environment conducive to vulnerability, learning, and positive behaviours, ultimately supporting performance.

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