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It’s time to invest in the new generation of leaders

By Jessa Sargento | |3 minute read

Nurturing the next generation of leaders is critical if businesses want to remain competitive in the future of work.


In this episode of The HR Leader, Sonia McDonald, chief executive and founder of LeadershipHQ, shares her invaluable insights on the importance of promoting future leaders and how current leaders play a role in preparing for a sustainable future through developing the leadership skills of younger employees.

According to McDonald, the emerging generations are showing an unprecedented eagerness to learn and grow, making it a good time for organisations to focus on developing their leadership potential. This generation is not just looking to climb the corporate ladder – they are driven by a desire to make meaningful changes in the world. McDonald believes that by equipping them with essential human and leadership skills today, we are paving the way for a brighter future for our communities, organisations, and the planet.

However, McDonald points out a significant challenge: the pressure of leadership. She argues that while this pressure is substantial, it is both an honour and a responsibility, and she is confident that the younger generations are more than capable of rising to the occasion.