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Empowerment should be the goal this International Women’s Day

By Jessa Sargento | |3 minute read

International Women’s Day is here (8 March), and employers should use the opportunity to recognise the power they have to incite change.


In this episode, Angela Coble, the client group technology officer and gender ERG executive sponsor at Accenture Australia, joins The HR Leader. The dialogue is timely, as it aligns with the approach of International Women’s Day.

Coble delves into the crucial themes of the year, focusing on investing in women to accelerate progress and inspire inclusion. Her insights shed light on the necessity of a holistic approach to creating an inclusive environment for women across the workplace and society. The discussion underscores the importance of economic empowerment for women, a topic Coble is passionate about.

The conversation also touches upon the recent gender pay gap reporting launch, a move Coble views as a positive step towards transparency and equality in the workplace.

As the discussion continues, Coble highlights how employers have the power to enact real change in regard to gender equality. Society is often a mirror of the workplace, and vice versa, driving home just how important empowerment in the workplace is.