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Unlocking leadership potential through effective communication

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

Communication is a vital aspect of effective leadership and must be maintained if productivity is to prosper.


This was the topic of this episode of The HR Leader, joined by Larry Robertson, adviser, speaker, and author of WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU?

Larry specialises in leadership communication and suggests that a staggering 80 per cent of a leader’s role revolves around effective communication.

Larry argues that if no one is listening, then no one is following, and consequently, no leadership is taking place. This observation underscores the critical need for leaders to not only manage processes and content but also deeply engage with and motivate their teams.

Meanwhile, Larry discusses the benefits of diversity and transferable skills. He recalls his transition from a structured military career to the dynamic and diverse world of advertising, where he was exposed to a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and perspectives. He vividly describes the creative energy that diversity can unleash within an organisation, leading to innovation and success.