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Connecting people, skills, and strategy to maximise growth

By Mercer | |2 minute read
Connecting People Skills And Strategy To Maximise Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the alignment of people, skills, and strategy emerges as a pivotal factor for organisational growth.

This was the focal point of a recent episode of The HR Leader, joined by Mercer’s leadership talent succession practice leader, Gareth Jones.

The intricate connection between the workforce, the skills necessary for effective operation, and the strategic path of an organisation was discussed in depth. The importance of this alignment cannot be overstated, as disconnection in these areas can significantly stifle business efficiency.

The conversation was timely, as Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Report highlighted that more than a third of HR leaders are concerned about the lack of workforce capability and future skills within their organisations. Another study by Mercer revealed that 50 per cent of executives fear their current talent models may not meet future demands.

According to Gareth, technology, artificial intelligence, and environment, social and governance (ESG) are at the forefront of corporate skill requirements. These emerging needs are creating new roles and demanding a fresh set of skills.

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