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Our leaders are burnt out: How can we turn this around?

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

Leadership burnout is on the rise as the workforce continues to navigate the challenges created by the pandemic. In this episode of The HR Leader, Aaron McEwan, vice-president of research and advisory at Gartner, explains that the burnout experienced by leaders is not surprising given the significant disruption and change, and leaders are at the forefront of navigating their organisations through this uncertainty.


Aaron points out that economic instability and volatility also contribute to the high levels of stress experienced by leaders. While organisations have made efforts to provide mental health support to their employees, leaders often put their workforces before themselves. They are dealing with not only the stresses of the workplace but also the changes in the way work is done. The widespread adoption of hybrid and remote work has required leaders to learn new ways of leading their teams.

Micromanagement has also become a significant issue during the pandemic. Aaron emphasises the importance of trust in leadership. Leaders who trust their teams and provide autonomy tend to have more engaged and productive workers. Employees with control over where, when, and how they work tend to perform better and have stronger connections to the organisation.

Our leaders are burnt out: How can we turn this around?
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