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Workplace wellbeing: Doctor gives insight on how to maximise it

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read
Workplace Wellbeing Doctor Gives Insight On How To Maximise It

Wellbeing in the workplace is important to get right in order to get the most you can out of employees.


On this episode of The HR Leader, the chief executive and co-founder of CU Health, Dr Patrick Aouad, discussed some strategies the top organisations use to ensure staff are happy and engaged.

Dr Patrick also touched on the effect tokenistic perks can have and when they can become an issue. The rise of tech and how it impacts wellbeing was also discussed, as well as how the new age of flexible working has had an impact on workers.

Different demographics must be considered when implementing policy, which is why a “one-size-fits-all” approach can be counter-productive for employers. Dr Patrick outlined how to navigate this issue while also mentioning the difficulties women have in the workforce.