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LHH on HR’s strategic workforce concerns: Skills, salary, wellbeing and more

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read

James McIlvena, LHH Australia and New Zealand’s managing director, talked to The HR Leader for this podcast in partnership with LHH. Examining the LHH Global Workforce of the Future Report, the discussion ranged from skills to salary conversations, career development and more.


Mr McIlvena spoke about what LHH’s findings revealed regarding skills, employee demand for career progression, and why new tech like AI is driving human workers to maintain relevance.

It’s rare for an organisation and its employees to agree that both sides feel salary levels are spot on, but Mr McIlvena shared some of the ways businesses can mitigate this disconnect.

Diving into the phenomenon of “quitfluencers”, the podcast also discussed what organisations could do to stem the tide if one employee’s decision to leave sparks others to also consider their options.

And the conversation wouldn’t have been complete without delving into worker wellbeing. Mr McIlvena did this through a lens of understanding what businesses can do to encourage their people to take regular breaks.

For listeners who’d like to read more about the LHH Global Workforce of the Future Report, please click here: https://info.lhh.com/ANZ/HRL-CTM-global-workforce-of-the-future-2023

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The term "workforce" or "labour force" refers to the group of people who are either employed or unemployed.