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What you should know about DEI going into 2023

By Robyn Tongol | |4 minute read

Aaron Goonrey is a partner at Lander & Rogers and specialises in workplace relations and safety. He spoke with The HR Leader on 24 November 2022 about some of the DEI issues Australian workplaces should be aware of.

Looking at both current and predicted DEI challenges, Mr Goonrey shared his thoughts on the barriers some organisations face in embracing DEI. 

The podcast conversation also covered Australia’s seeming preoccupation with only one area of DEI: gender, with Mr Goonrey stating: “I think in some regards, in Australia that is, we’re a little bit behind what diversity, equity and inclusion means broadly. With that said, I think we get fixated on female representation or gender representation, broadly speaking because women represent 50 per cent of the population, so have greater representation and visibility as compared with other minority groups.”


He added: “So when you look at gender and women, their representation is going to be critical in discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion. But we do have that preoccupation I think because we’re a little bit behind the game when it comes to that.”

Mr Goonrey also shared what he thinks a “truly inclusive organisation” is and why he’s personally very interested in DEI. 

I’ve got a passion around it because I think that everyone, regardless of who you are, or where you come from ... I have a passion that those people, particularly when we’re talking about minorities, should feel safe and confident to bring their authentic self to work and to be assured that they will be treated equally among their co-workers and by their managers,” said Mr Goonrey.

You can listen to the full conversation below.

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