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Skillsoft and GoodHabitz come together to provide development courses

By Jack Campbell | |5 minute read

Education tech company Skillsoft and online training provider GoodHabitz have teamed up to offer customers mental health support and skills development in leadership, productivity, communication and more.

The general manager of leadership and business solutions at Skillsoft, Rashim Mogha, commented on the announcement: “Research shows that only 34 per cent of employees say their company’s leadership speaks openly about mental health, and only three in five employees agree that their manager cares about their emotional wellbeing. This calls for organisations to do more to support their employees’ health and mental wellbeing.

“To deliver on their key strategic initiatives, organisations must ensure their employees can perform at their top potential. The relationship between work and wellness can no longer be fragmented. Adding GoodHabitz to our portfolio of content partners enables our customers to provide on-demand solutions to their employees to manage stress, be resilient, and leverage the skills developed using this content to flourish at work,” said Ms Mogha.


A McKinsey study referenced in Skillsoft’s statement found that a quarter of employees globally are dealing with burnout, and another quarter are seeing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Nearly a third of workers in Asia and Australia are experiencing fatigue, too.

HR Leader recently shared: Sage report reveals HR leaders are stressed and burnt out, so HR isn’t immune to burnout either.

In response to the McKinsey statistics, Skillsoft and GoodHabitz are providing courses such as: Bye-Bye Burnout, Mind Your Brain, Oh Yes It’s Stress, The Power of Sleep, and Zest for Life. These support services aim to help employees struggling with mental health issues by providing personal development and wellbeing training.

Sander Kok, chief operating officer and head of GoodHabitz Studios said: “Skillsoft and GoodHabitz share a similar mission in that we are both dedicated to making learning an intrinsic part of the daily work routine. The key lies in providing a comprehensive library of content that incorporates a wide variety of courses delivered in a manner that is both fun and engaging.”

He continued: “Additionally, with more than 25 learning methods, we’re able to offer personalised training that best fits and empowers each individual’s personal and professional development goals. We’re excited to bring our best-in-class leadership and wellness content to Skillsoft and are confident this will help organisations build the next generation of leaders and a healthier workforce.”

The courses will be offered in over 15 languages, localised rather than translated, to ensure all training is accessible and understandable in different languages and cultures.




Employees experience burnout when their physical or emotional reserves are depleted. Usually, persistent tension or dissatisfaction causes this to happen. The workplace atmosphere might occasionally be the reason. Workplace stress, a lack of resources and support, and aggressive deadlines can all cause burnout.


Training is the process of enhancing a worker's knowledge and abilities to do a certain profession. It aims to enhance trainees' work behaviour and performance on the job.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.