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Westpac reveals paid fertility treatment leave

By Jack Campbell | |3 minute read
Westpac reveals paid fertility treatment leave

Westpac has announced it will be offering its employees one-week paid leave yearly to organise fertility treatment as of 29 November 2022.

Christine Parker, group executive, human resources at Westpac, said in a statement that this addition to their policy will support those trying to start a family.

“Fertility treatment is on the rise and helps people to achieve this life milestone. However, it also requires a series of medical appointments, sometimes at short notice” she said.

“With this new benefit, our employees will know that they are supported to attend these, without having to use their annual leave or sick leave. We try hard to make Westpac a truly family friendly workplace, at whatever stage of the family journey people are on, and this now includes those undertaking fertility treatment.”

The policy will be available from 29 November for all their Australian employees, and allows for leave to access medical support, undergo fertility treatment, and freeze eggs if necessary.

Founder of Family Friendly Workplaces and CEO of Parents at Work Emma Walsh commented on the announcement: “This is another welcome step forward for organisations committed to embedding family-friendly practices and supporting employees at an important time in their lives.”

Ms Walsh continued: “The journey to parenthood can be different for everyone and sometimes challenging. Workplaces can play an important role in responding to the needs of employees going through fertility treatment, so it’s great to see Westpac raising more awareness and providing employees the support they need.”

HR Leader recently reported on this story, Avanade announces 'family-forming benefits' to support staff and their loved ones, which includes: “Fertility treatment: To assist employees who have suffered loss through miscarriage by offering compassionate leave, and support those going through IVF or other reproductive assisted treatments.”




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Parental leave

Parental leave is a benefit offered to employees that allows for job-protected time off from work to care for a kid once the child is born or adopted.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.