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Scriibed: Streamlining meetings

By Jack Campbell | |4 minute read
Scriibed: Streamlining meetings

Scriibed is a new management service that uses AI to record and summarise meetings.


Melanie Greblo, founder of Scriibed said the program can increase workplace productivity by saving time and resources.

“We use a mix of AI and skilled human touch to transform the work-lives of HRs by simplifying their meetings through the power of transcription. The platform is a huge time-saver and gives HRs the power to fully immerse themselves in meetings without the hassle of note-taking,” said Ms Greblo.

Scriibed’s website describes the services the program provides: “Scriibed for HR automatically records, captures and summarises your important workplace meetings with next actions in your inbox in less than two hours.”

Ms Greblo outlined why this technology is helpful to a business: “Our research suggests that a senior HR loses 5 weeks every year bogged down in summarising meeting notes and setting out next actions. The administration surrounding meetings can be overwhelming and often takes away from other important jobs HRs need to focus their time on, not to mention the wider financial implications meeting admin has on companies.”

Scriibed has a policy of only recruiting women who have been affected by family and domestic violence, aiming to provide support for vulnerable women.

Ms Greblo said: “At Scriibed we provide safe, secure and flexible work in the digital economy to women survivors of domestic and family violence who face multiple barriers to employment.”

She added: “Scriibed offers companies a rare opportunity to kick social procurement and ESG goals by solving real business problems. Together with Scriibed and Banksia Academy, our customers come on a unique shared value journey, where we can also support their employees who may be experiencing domestic and family violence. This is not business as usual, it’s circular, and is a win-win for HR, People, Culture and Impact leaders everywhere.”



Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.