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Orbits: Creating the workspace of the future

By Jack Campbell | |4 minute read
Orbits Creating The Workspace Of The Future

Orbits is a program used to create virtual venues. The Sydney start-up company describes its product on its website as: “Orbits’ highly customisable virtual environments lend themselves to superior branding opportunities. Create familiar, lovable environments for your employees, clients, and attendees.”

Organisations using Orbits program have held a variety of events ranging from workplace replicas and conferences to entire festivals, expositions and symposiums. During these events, the program allows for free roaming by the attendees and interactive capabilities.

CEO and co-founder of Orbits, Lachlan Phillips said in a statement: “At the heart of Orbits is a mission to humanise the web. Virtual events are currently a mess of robotic links, emails, and reminders. We set out to change the way people meet online by creating digital spaces that feel like home.”


He continued: “We’ve all felt the excitement of showing up at a beautiful venue, the pride of being part of a dynamic office, or the quiet sense of purpose from entering a charming space surrounded by like-minded people. Places create purpose, and Orbits is about bringing that sense of purpose and home into our digital lives.”

Launching in 2020, Orbits notes that there is a rising surge for flexible working arrangements. Utilising this desire, the virtual venue start-up has updated its platform to create more opportunities for hybrid work, virtual events and education.

Orbits is accessible via internet browser and has hosted events held by organisations such as Microsoft, ASUS, UN Women Australia, and York University.

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Hybrid working

In a hybrid work environment, individuals are allowed to work from a different location occasionally but are still required to come into the office at least once a week. With the phrase "hybrid workplace," which denotes an office that may accommodate interactions between in-person and remote workers, "hybrid work" can also refer to a physical location.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Jack is the editor at HR Leader.