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Trends influencing the recruitment market

By Robyn Tongol | |3 minute read
Trends Influencing The Recruitment Market

There are plenty of variables that all play a part in influencing the job market. With so many outside influences, the state of recruitment is, unsurprisingly, very unpredictable.


In this episode of The HR Leader, Jas Singh, managing director of SKL, dives into the current trends in the recruitment market, outlining the shifting dynamics in employer-employee relationships and strategies for jobseekers and employers alike.

According to Singh, the market is transitioning from the 2023 trend where there was a high demand for employees. It is neither entirely an employer’s market nor an employee’s market but rather a balanced scenario. Companies are now more cautious, aiming for sustainable long-term productivity instead of panic hiring, which was common post-COVID-19.

With this in mind, Singh urges candidates to showcase flexibility. Upskilling and staying updated with the latest technology trends are crucial in the modern workforce but should be balanced with personality, as these considerations make for an attractive candidate.

The episode also touches on bias in recruitment. Bias is inherent in all humans, often unconscious, and can impact hiring decisions. Companies need to be aware of and address these biases, whether an SME or a large multinational company.



The practice of actively seeking, locating, and employing people for a certain position or career in a corporation is known as recruitment.