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How to approach employee benefits in the lead-up to Christmas

By Robyn Tongol | |2 minute read

Christmas is an expensive and time-consuming part of the year as people juggle a variety of responsibilities. Some would argue that this is the most important time of year for employee benefits.

Matt Holme, founder and chief executive of YouPay, discusses the exciting and stressful end-of-year rush with The HR Leader and how effective benefits policy can go a long way for employees.

The discussion also touches on the types of benefits employees are seeking. Matt emphasises that beyond festive events, there’s a growing expectation for benefits that support work/life balance and personal growth. He shares the importance of offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for professional development.

A personalised approach is crucial, as a one-size-fits-all strategy is becoming increasingly outdated. Matt encourages leaders to engage in direct conversations with their teams to understand individual priorities and aspirations. This approach is particularly effective in smaller businesses, where leaders can more easily tailor benefits to each employee’s unique circumstances.



Benefits include any additional incentives that encourage working a little bit more to obtain outcomes, foster a feeling of teamwork, or increase satisfaction at work. Small incentives may have a big impact on motivation. The advantages build on financial rewards to promote your business as a desirable employer.


An employee is a person who has signed a contract with a company to provide services in exchange for pay or benefits. Employees vary from other employees like contractors in that their employer has the legal authority to set their working conditions, hours, and working practises.